Conrad Weiser and the Indian Police of Colonial Pennsylvania


Conrad Weiser and the Indian Police of Colonial Pennsylvania - Joseph S. Walton. “The career of Conrad Weiser in Pennsylvania marks an epoch in the Indian policy of the Province. The struggle between the two rival European nations for possession of the Ohio Valley was retarded by the attitude of the Six Nations, and Conrad Weiser proved himself to be a powerful factor in preserving this neutrality during a period of over thirty years.” Chapters include: Indian Affairs in the Middle and Southern Colonies, 1721–1730; The Treaty of 1736; The Onondago Journey; Religious Revivals at Ephrata; The Alienation of the Delawares; The Virginia Troubles of 1743; The Lancaster Treaty; The Iroquois Struggle for Neutrality; The First Winning of the West; The Ohio Mission; Turning the People Off; Rival English Traders; The French in the Ohio Valley; Who Shall Take the Initiative?; The Ohio Indians Go Over to the French; Weiser and the Pennsylvania Effort for Defense; Reconciliation; Peace; and Conclusion. Numerous illustrations, and an index to full-names, places and subjects enhance this work.

(1900), 2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 462 pp.

 ISBN: 0788427954