Alexander Families of Upper South Carolina [three volumes]


Daniel Alexander and his wife Mary were born around 1760 in Virginia. Four of their children were born in Virginia before 1795, and four more were born after that date, when the family had moved to South Carolina. The fecundity of this family became apparent in the second generation: son Micajah had eleven children, Thomas had twelve and William had ten. More than three hundred pages are dedicated to Micajah's offspring alone. The male lines are followed as far as possible, and the female lines are followed for two generations. At the end of each family group is a list of sources from which the information on that family was obtained. Carefully and lovingly compiled, this impressive work is illustrated with family photographs, tombstones, maps and original artwork. It contains a brief historical narrative, bibliography and index. Monumental in size, it is an indispensable Alexander family resource.

Marion A. Whitehurst, Peggy B. Rich, Jerry L. Alexander

(1988, 2006), 2019, 8½x11, paper, index, 3 vols., 1116 pp

ISBN: 9780788433009