Windham (Connecticut) Probate District Records, Volume 1 (1719-1734)


Windham (Connecticut) Probate District Records, Volume 1 (1719-1734) - George Waller.

Probate records are invaluable for genealogists as these records provide names, dates, places, and relationships that form the basis of genealogy. The records are also the product of a legal process concerning important financial matters, and thus are more reliable than, for example, census records. The Windham Probate District comprised the towns of Windham, Lebanon, Coventry, Mansfield, Canterbury, Plainfield, Killingly, Pomfret, and Ashford. With the exception of Woodstock, Massachusetts (now Connecticut), which jutted into the Connecticut colony, this probate district represented the northeastern corner of the current state. This volume is an abstract of the first volume of the original bound court records preserved in the Windham Probate District Court in the Windham Town Hall, Willimantic, Connecticut. Volume one is composed of two sections covering the years 1719-1734. Section one of the court records consists of the full range of standard probate court activities: the overseeing and recording of wills, inventories, etc. Section two consists primarily of matters concerning guardianships and requests to enter wills, etc. The entries are presented in chronological order. A full name index is included. The author has been a genealogist for 36 years, a life member of the National Genealogical Society since 1972, a contributor to The American Genealogist, and a past board member of the USGenWeb.

2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 146 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433283