Wittry, Witry, Vitry: The Family Tree, 2007


This family tree of the Wittry/Witry/Vitry family begins with Peter Witry, born circa 1575 in Budange, France (formerly a part of Luxembourg), and includes fourteen generations. Each individual family has a sequence number, and is listed as an atomic family-father, mother, children, and spouses of the children. If one of the parents remarried, the second marriage and its children are listed immediately after the original family. Information about 9,000 people, including dates and locations of birth, marriage and death, occupations, villages/cities of residence, and other items of interest are included. The foundation of the book is the translation of about 4,000 original birth, marriage and death documents from the original German, French and Latin. This replacement for the 2001 edition includes thirty percent more people than the original book. The atomic family structure and complete index of marriages makes it much easier for the reader to find information about individual families. It also includes information about Luxembourg births, marriages and deaths, through the year 1923, based upon twenty-eight years of records released for public use by Luxembourg several years ago. The book contains a complete index of all couples, so that the information about a specific family can be easily accessed by a sequence number assigned to each marriage. The index also tells the sequence number of the parents of the marriage partner who is a direct descendent of Peter Witry. This enables the reader to trace the generations of a specific atomic family (father and mother) both forward and backward in time.

Eugene J. Wittry

2008, 5½x8½, paper, 612 pp.

ISBN: 9780788445675