The Origins of the Kuney Family in American and the Descendants of Melchior Kuney


Benjamin Kuney was born c. 1703 in German-speaking Europe. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1749 on board the ship Christian with his wife Anna Maria Bender. This voluminous work examines the descendants of the Kuney family of early Pennsylvania, and also contains information on American Kuneys not descended from Melchior Kuney, who was probably the son of Benjamin. Kuhney and Cooney are examples of the many spelling variations of this name. This comprehensive genealogy follows some families up to eleven generations. Other sections cover probable descendants of Melchior Kuney—lineage unknown; detailed endnotes that cite sources used for this work; and a lengthy (111-page) full-name index. Family lines and generations are presented in a clear and logical manner.

Blake A. Willey

(2001), 2010, 6x9, cloth, index, 986 pp.

ISBN: 9780788450280