A. B. Amis' "The Amis, Brewer, Pettey, Landford and Wilson Families of Newton County, Mississippi"


Dr. Wright has greatly expanded the scope of A. B. Amis’ original genealogical work, The Amis, Brewer, Pettey, Langford and Wilson Families of Newton County, Mississippi, while retaining the original information and spirit. As an aid to researchers, Dr. Wright has made minor grammatical corrections and presented the data in Register format, as it is a widely recognized way of organizing the data, but differs slightly from that used by Judge Amis.

Chapters include: The Amis Family; Descendants of 1825 Lewis Amis of Granville Co., North Carolina; Descendants of 1857 William Amis of Granville Co., North Carolina; Descendants of 1852 John Amis of Maury Co., Tennessee; Brewer Families of Sumter Co, Alabama, to 1860; Ancestry of 1866 Flora (McPherson) Brewer of Scott Co., Mississippi; Descendants of 1750 Thomas Petty of Orange Co., Virginia; Descendants of 1860 Richard Langford of Macon Co., Alabama; Descendants of 1706 Robert Davis of Accomack Co., Virginia; Descendants of 1788 Larkin Wilson of Botetourt Co., Virginia; Descendants of 1820 David Howe of Jones Co., Georgia; and, Ancestry of 1887 Martha (Wadkins) Amis of Scott Co., Mississippi. A portrait of A. B. Amis and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Lucius F. Wright, M.D.

2014, 5½x8½, paper, index, 518 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455667