Wooley Twigs and Branches with Related Families [2 volumes]


The surname of Wooley was a locational name “of Wolley,” a spot in Berkshire and a small place in County Devon. The Wooley lines are so extensive that it is hard to separate some of the interwoven families. The name is also spelled Woolley and Wooley.

Individual chapters are devoted to the genealogies of Ralph Dewolegh (listing 6236 descendants for twenty-eight generations), William Wooley (listing 184 descendants for nine generations), Thomas Woolley (listing 215 descendants for eight generations), Levi Wooley (listing 591 descendants for eight generations), Jonathan Bittick (listing 365 descendants for seven generations), George Butler and his descendants, William Wooley (listing 875 descendants for eleven generations), Richard Bolton Wooley (listing 112 descendants for five generations), William A. Woolley (listing 256 descendants for nine generations), Thomas Wooley (listing sixty descendants for six generations), Joseph Hobbs and his descendants, Reason Woolley (listing 568 descendants for eight generations), Zadok Wooley (listing 130 descendants for eight generations), Harold K. Woolley (listing three descendants for three generations), Christopher Woolley (listing ninety-six descendants for thirteen generations), Mary Wooley (listing seventeen descendants for three generations), Aaron K. Woolley (listing ten descendants for three generations), William Woolley (listing ten descendants for six generations), John Wooley (listing fifty-two descendants for seven generations), Otis Wooley (listing seventeen descendants for five generations), William Lytton Woolley (listing nineteen descendants for five generations), and Alfred Marion Wooley (listing seven descendants for two generations).

Entries typically contain place of birth for the subject, spouse and children. Entries may also contain date of birth, date and place of death, and/or varying amounts of biographical information.

Doris May Durbin Wooley

2014, 5½x8½, paper, 2 volumes, 1464 pp.

ISBN: 9780788455759