Biographical and Historical Sketches of Early Indiana


“Many of the sketches contained in this book were originally published in the Indianapolis Journal. These, and such as have been given the public in other papers, have been carefully revised and rewritten. ... The dead Governors of Indiana—both Territorial and State—are sketched, and monographs of other distinguished men are given. The book contains other papers, of a historical character... The information contained in this book, which necessarily develops much of the early political history of the State, was obtained from various sources, and can not elsewhere be found without great research and labor.”

Sketches include: William Henry Harrison, John Gibson, Thomas Posey, Jonathan Jennings, Ratliff Boon, William Hendricks, James Brown Ray, Noah Noble, David Wallace, Samuel Bigger, James Whitcomb, Joseph A. Wright, Ashbel P. Willard, Abram A. Hammond, Henry S. Lane, Oliver P. Morton, James D. Williams, Christopher Harrison, Milton Stapp, David Hillis, James Noble, John Tipton, Oliver H. Smith, Albert S. White, Edward A. Hannegan, Jesse D. Bright, John W. Davis, George G. Dunn, William W. Wick, Tilghman A. Howard, James H. Cravens, Andrew Kennedy, Robert Dale Owen, Thomas Smith, John L. Robinson, Cyrus L. Dunham, John Law, Michael C. Kerr, Isaac Blackford, Stephen C. Stevens, Charles Dewey, Jeremiah Sullivan, A Historical Trio, Benjamin Parke, Thomas Randolph, Williamson Dunn, Abel C. Pepper, Joseph Lane, James Gregory, Joseph G. Marshall, Michael G. Bright, Nicholas McCarty, Calvin Fletcher, William H. Morrison, James S. Athon, Michael C. Garber, John D. Defrees, Free Masonry in Indiana, Madison from 1844 to 1852, and Indiana Press in the Olden Time. Five portraits and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

William Wesley Woollen

(1883), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 588 pp.

ISBN: 9780788456435