William Scott of Fairfield County, South Carolina and His Descendents


In 1790, when George Scott, Revolutionary Soldier, dictated his last will and testament leaving a widow Elizabeth, a daughter Margaret and a son William, little could he have realized that by 1987, hundreds of his descendents would be scattered all over the United States.

William Scott of Fairfield County, South Carolina, was born about 1760 and died in 1805. He and his wife, Ann, had nine children. The author’s painstaking research has unearthed a wealth of detailed genealogical data about William Scott and his descendents. Entries typically include the dates of birth and death, date of marriage and name of spouse, number and names of children. Some entries also include the name of the spouse’s parent(s), place of marriage, place(s) of residence, cause of death, place of burial, and/or biographical tidbits. The listing of children generally provides the date of birth, name of spouse and number of children.

Chapters include: George Scott, William Scott, John W. Scott, Elizabeth Scott Cross, Major Scott, George Scott, Henry Scott, William Scott Jr., Major Adkins Scott, Henry William Scott, Samuel B. Scott, Ann Scott Bruce, Benjamin Scott, John W. Scott, Daniel Jackson Scott, Sarah Scott Carman (Carmon), James Scott, Related Families (Geter/Jeter and Holmes), and Marriages and Land Records. Maps, photos, facsimile reprints of original documents, a history of the Scott family, and an every-name index add to the value of this work.

O’Levia Neil Wilson Wiese

(1987), 2018, 8½x11, paper, index, 382 pp.

ISBN: 9780788457685