Tripping Over Europe, 2nd Edition. Expert Advice on Making Travel Easy

Tripping Over Europe: Expert Advice on Making Travel Easy, 2nd Edition. Eugene J. Wittry.

This book is about how to travel in Europe on your own, rather than with a tour group. It is different from the typical travel guide. It doesn't tell you a lot about all of the places you might visit, or list hotels and restaurants. It does, however, tell you how to select hotels and restaurants, how to plan an itinerary, how to arrange transportation, and generally, how to obtain the most enjoyment with the least cost and pain. It also shows you how to view Europe with 'local eyes' 'see France like a Frenchman, Germany like a German, Spain like a Spaniard, and Italy like an Italian.'

This book is organized into chapters that approach a trip chronologically. It begins with planning, continues with flight arrangements, customs, hotels, etc., and ends with your return home. Each chapter addresses a single topic in some detail. It contains advice on how to prepare for and enjoy your travel. The text is light in tone, as if an experienced friend of yours is giving you some travel advice. There is no attempt to tell you about specific places or facilities, other than to relate a few of the author's experiences as illustrations.

The experiences and adventures of seven couples (including the author and his wife) are included, which offer a glimpse of the humorous aspects of travel, its problems, and its delightful surprises.

2018, 5½x8½, paper, 268 pp. W5852 - $31.00