The Battle for Baltimore 1814

The Battle For Baltimore 1814
Joseph W. A. Whitehorne


The War of 1812 gets little attention in American history; however, this two and a half year conflict had serious consequences, which left regional memories and legends that have endured to the present day. The major actions of the war occurred along the Canadian border but also included the Gulf, Atlantic Coast, and the Chesapeake Bay. Three major events in the Chesapeake Bay (the battles for Hampton, Washington, and Baltimore) have overshadowed other incidents in the bay to the point of obscuring them. These battles reveal a great deal about the attitudes of the populations on both sides. “This is especially the case of the City of Baltimore. Its maritime and mercantile reputation made it a major target and served as a magnet for British bay operations. Its privateers and sailors exacerbated British impulses to teach it and all bay residents a lesson, perhaps to the point that the British lost their strategic focus.” Many of the little towns around the bay and along its tributaries retain relics and memories of the conflict. The author acknowledges the role these towns played and shows how they contributed to the better-known incidents. This book is a helpful reference, which will make visiting the bay area more meaningful and interesting. Virtually every cove, creek, and village has a story to tell from the War of 1812. paper, 284 pp.

ISBN: 9780788458668