Incidents in White Mountain History


The White Mountains of New Hampshire were once home to the Abenaki tribe before the arrival of Europeans in 1623. This work details the settlement of the area, Indian history and traditions, geology of the mountains, and provides an authentic account of a calamitous incident that occurred in August of 1826. A severe rainstorm struck the White Mountains, resulting in a landslide on Mount Willey. The devastating effects of this natural disaster not only destroyed an entire family but shattered the lives of countless loved ones as well. Written by the brother of the head of the Willey household, the first signs of the storm to its tragic aftermath are covered in this book, as well as a historical overview of the White Mountains. An index to full names and places adds to the value of this work.

Benjamin G. Willey

(1855, ?), 2024, 5½x8½, paper, index, 326 pp.
ISBN: 9780917890482