Bolton Soldiers and Sailors in the American Revolution

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Bolton Soldiers and Sailors in the American Revolution - Esther K. Whitcomb and Dorothy O. Mayo. This slender volume presents documented biographical sketches on over 400 Bolton soldiers and sailors. Entries are arranged alphabetically by surname and typically include: given name; military service; date and place of birth, names of parents; date of marriage and name of spouse (with additional information as available); date and place of death; names of children with dates of birth, baptism and death (as available); and reference. Some entries contain a “Note” which provides additional information. A cross-index “covers all names which do not appear in the correct alphabetical order, including the maiden names of mothers, wives, etc. Names are spelled as found, although often incorrect by modern usage.” (1985), 2014, 8½x11, paper, alphabetical, index, 98 pp. 101-W9056 ISBN: 0917890566