A Census of Newington, Connecticut Taken According to Households in 1776


In May 1776, in response to a resolution by Congress, the General Assembly of Connecticut enacted: “That the selectmen in the respective towns in this Colony, at or before the first day of September next, shall take and transmit to his Honor the Governor a particular and exact account of all persons in their respective towns in this colony, as well negroes or slaves for life as white persons, distinguishing the number of those who are under the age of twenty years from those who are above that age, the sexes, or whether married or single, those in the militia, and all able bodied men who do not belong to the militia, also all those who are now in actual service, thereby to enable his Honor to prepare a compleat answer to a letter lately received from the Honble John Hancock, Esqr, President of the Continental Congress; and that this act be forthwith printed, and distributed by the Representatives in the present Assembly; and that the account or whole number of the persons in each town be attested on oath by the selectmen thereof, to have been faithfully and truly made and completed. It was in pursuance of this resolution that Josiah Willard (Aug. 9, 1739–April 1, 1818), a member of one of the oldest and most influential families in Newington, took the census of the parish.

The book opens with a Historical Preface followed by chapters: Census of Newington, 1776, by Josiah Willard, which lists the full names and birth dates of 460 “Whites” and seven “Colored Servants” plus a list of persons added after the census was taken; Private Record of Deaths, 1784–1795, which lists the deceased’s name and date of death; Memoranda Relating to Newington, 1727–1787, by Daniel Willard; Catalogue of the Children Attending the South School, 1766; Catalogue of the Children Attending the North School, 1768, 1769; and A Minister and Society Rate for 1771. A full-name index adds to the value of this work.

Josiah Willard and Edwin Stanley Welles

(1909, 1986), 2020, 5½x8½, paper, index, 46 pp.

ISBN: 9780917890772