Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume 6


Volume 6 information comes from probate, land, court and church records, tax lists and published family histories. Re-creation of the family lines of these 18th century families who flourished on the Delmarva Peninsula. Includes the following Cecil County family surnames: Alexander, Arrants, Auren, Baker, Barrett, Bavington, Bayard, Baythorn, Beedle, Bouchell, Bouldin, Bowen, Bristow, Brumfield, Campbell, Carr, Caulk, Chick, Childs, Clark, Clements, Cocks, Cooper, Coppen, Crouch, Crow, Currier, Davis, Etherington, Forester, Foster, George, Guilder, Herman, Hitchcock, Hodgson, Hollingsworth, Howell, Hughes, Hukill, Husbands, Hyland, James, Kankey, Kimber, Knight, Larramore, Lewis, Matthiason, Mauldin, Mercer, Milligan, Morgan, Mounts, Nowland, Numbers, Oldham, Othoson, Ozier, Parsons, Pearce, Pennington, Porter, Price, Ricketts, Rumsey, Ryland, Sappington, Severson, Simpers, Singleton, Sluyter, Stoops, Taylor, Terry, Thompson, Touchstone, Van Bebber, Vanburkeloe, Veazey, Walmsley, Ward, Wood, and Young.

Henry C. Peden, Jr and F. Edward Wright

(1999), 2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 251 pp.

ISBN: 9781888265927