Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Volume 18


This is the eighteenth in a series of volumes of family histories pertaining to the colonial families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Members of nearly all the families described in this volume lived in Old Somerset, now the counties of Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester.

The following families are covered: Boardman, John Nelson (1), John Nelson (2) of Wicomico Hundred, William Nelson of Wicomico Hundred, William Nelson of Mattapony/Pocomoke Hundred, James Nicholson (1), James Nicholson (2), William Nicholson, Henry Phillips, Roger Phillips, John Phillips, Pitt of Talbot County, Pitt of Dorchester County, Pitt of Northampton and Isle of Wight Counties (Virginia), John Pitt of Somerset County, Pitt of Isle of Wight and Accomack Counties (Va.) and Somerset County (Md.), Edward Price, James Price, Thomas Price of Annamessex Hundred, David Price of Mattapony Hundred, Jenkin Price of Pocomoke Hundred, William Price of Pocomoke Hundred, Somerset County and Cecil County, Alexander Price, John Price of Wicomico Hundred, Thomas Ralph, Shiles, William Stevens of Rehoboth on the Pocomoke River, Stevens of (N) and Florence Stevens of Pocomoke Hundred, John Stevens of Ledbourn (England) and Wicomico Hundred, John Stevens of Wicomico Hundred, Thomas Stevens of Nanticoke Hundred, William Stevenson of Worcester County, Hugh Stevenson, James Stevenson, Summers of Somerset County, Thomas Summers of Dorchester County, John Summers of Dorchester County, John Wallace, William Wallace, Richard Wallace of Monie Hundred, William Wallace of Monie Hundred, Thomas Wallace, Catherine Wallace, Jane Wallis, James Willis and Nathaniel Willis. An index to full-names and places adds to the value of this work.

Vernon L. Skinner, Jr. and F. Edward Wright

(2004), 2019, 5½x8½, paper, index, 280 pp

ISBN: 9781680347487