Two Flags In The Wilderness


The year is 1731. Jean Baptiste Joubert, a cadet in the colonial marines, is assigned to a convoy sent from Fort Michilimackinac to reestablish trade with the Sioux, trade which had been disrupted by war with the Fox. The expedition ends in disaster, and the French realize that the struggle with the English to determine who will control the heartland of North America (and its lucrative fur trade) is just beginning.The action moves from the Illinois Country to New Orleans, and from there to Montreal and Albany. Finally, the scene shifts back to the Great Lakes region for a final confrontation between French allied forces and the Fox. Ambush, intrigue and espionage are all employed, differentiating friend from foe is a challenge, and your first mistake may be one too many.

Greg Yocherer

2002, 5½x8½, paper, 399 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421433