Death Notices from Freewill Baptist Publications, 1811-1851 [hardcover]


This book contains a compilation of “abstracts of the numerous death notices and obituaries which appeared in six of the seven Freewill Baptist publications known to have existed prior to 1851.” The 12,000 abstracts included cover the area roughly encompassed by a line drawn from Maine to Michigan, south to Iowa, east to Pennsylvania, and then back to Maine. The abstracts normally contain the name and age of the deceased, the date and place of death, and the name of spouse or parents. A date and place of birth or former residence is also frequently given.

The author has also “given some background information on religious newspapers in general and the Freewill Baptist publications in particular. This has been supplemented with biographical sketches of some of the key figures in the denomination, and a directory of churches.”

Chapters include: Death Notices from the “Morning Star,” Death Notices from Other Publications, Biographical Sketches of Church Leaders, and Directory of Churches and Agents. “Since most of the material in this volume is arranged in alphabetical order a master index is not necessary. This partial index covers all the names in the sections entitled ‘Biographical Sketches,’ and ‘Directory of Churches and Agents.’”

David C. Young and Robert L. Taylor

(1985), 2023, 5½x8½, case-laminate, alphabetical, index, 460 pp.

ISBN: 9780917890512