Missouri Pioneers: Volume IV


This publication includes the following:

  • Map of the State showing the counties
  • Jackson County - Abstracts of Wills and Administrations 1849-1854 [continued from Vol 3]
  • Pike County - Letters held in Post Office at Louisiana, MO in 1820-1821 as published in the Saint Charles Newspapers.
  • Cooper County - Abstracts of Circuit Court Minutes Book "A" 1819-1820
  • Dent County - Abstracts of Biographical sketches from 1889 history of Dent County, including all the genealogical data.
  • Platte County - Membership roll of the Unity "Flintlock" Baptist Church which was organized in 1840
  • Lafayette County - New items from Lafayette and adjoining counties from newspapers published in Lexington, MO 1844-1845
  • Caldwell County - from the Caldwell County Atlas of 1876 giving about 275 residents with birthplaces and years they settled in the county.
  • Northeast Missouri - 1860 Mortality Schedules for Clark, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Marion, Scotland, Schuyler and Shelby Counties.
  • Southeast Missouri - Delinquent tax list for year 1818 for "Old" Lawrence County, formed in 1815 from New Madrid County, and abolished in 1818.

8.5"x11", index. perfect bound, 127pp