Pike County, Alabama Biographies


Originally titled Memorial Record of Alabama and published in 1893 by Brant and Fuller, this publication contains biographical sketches of Pike County, Alabama pioneers.


Below is a partial excerpt from one of the many biographies contained in this series:
Abraham C. VanPelt, a prosperous merchant and planter, was born in Cabarrus County, NC on August 22, 1834, son of Abraham and Jane Reed Van Pelt. The father was also a native of North Carolina, born in the year 1786, and descended from Dutch ancestors, who settled in New York at an early date of the country's history. Abraham and Jane Van Pelt were married about the year 1808 in North Carolina, and became the parents of ten children, but four of whom are living, namely: Emmeline Van Pelt, widow of Allen Shive; Teresa Van Pelt, widow of Edward Litaker; Samuel F. VanPelt, and Abraham C. The father and mother of this family never moved to Alabama, but died in their native state, the former in 1856 and the latter in 1862. [Biography continues with business interests, military service, fraternal organizations, political affiliations, etc.]

Brant and Fuller

(1893), ?, 8.5"x11", 47 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498114