Cleveland County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Originally, Cleveland County was called Dorsey County when formed in 1873. In 1885 the name was changed to Cleveland in honor of S. Grover Cleveland, then President of the United States. This material was originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in the late 1800's and this reprint contains memoirs and biographies of the early pioneers. Because the information was compiled by the referenced family, it should be very accurate and detailed. This volume also contains a brief history of the county as it developed up to the time this volume was written in the 1880s.

Milton Hargus, proprietor of a grist mill and cotton gin at the old battle ground of Mark’s Mill, was born in Middle Tennessee, November 13, 1851, a son of John O. P. and Nancy J. (Meyers) Hargus, natives, respectively of Kentucky and Tennessee, both being now residents of Kingsland, Cleveland County, Ark. They were married in Tennessee, and moved from there to Bates County, MO., when their son, Milton, was a small lad, and in 1870, settled in Grayson County, of the Lone Star State, but shortly after moved to the Cherokee Nation, and then resided successively in Ashley, Prescott, Nevada and Cleveland Counties, Ark. taking up their abode in the latter in 1886. ...etc...

Goodspeed Publishing

2004, paper, 55 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498268