Rabun County, Georgia History and Biographies


Rabun County is located in the far north east corner of the state. The Georgia General Assembly passed an act to create the county in December 21, 1819 becoming Georgia’s forty-seventh county. The northern border of the county is the boundary between Georgia and North Carolina. The county is named for William Rabun, who served as the 11th Governor of Georgia from his election in 1817 until his death in 1819. In 1828, the Georgia General Assembly transferred a portion of Habersham County to Rabun County. In 1838, the legislature redefined the Rabun-Habersham county line. In 1856, the legislature used portions of Rabun and Union Counties to create Towns County.

This volume is a reprint of two older books on Georgia. The first is Memoirs of Georgia. The second one is Historical Collection of Georgia by George White. The biographical materials were submitted by the families themselves.

Rev. Alfred Foster, minister, Dillard, Rabun Co., GA, son of John and Clarenda (McClure) Foster, was born in Macon County, NC September 8, 1873...etc...

George White

2001, paper, 16 pp.

ISBN: 9780788496684