Military Claims Barred by the Statutes of Limitation


Eleventh Congress Third Session House of Representatives Document 216

This publication contains Revolutionary War Claims Barred by the Statutes of Limitation as communicated to the Senate on December 13, 1810. Don't be fooled by the title ... these are actually PAID claims.

Included is the 1 1/2 Page Senate Bill #216 followed by "a statement of all the claims which have been adjusted and allowed at the Treasury Department, and for which certificates of registered debt issued, in virtue of a law entitled "An act providing for the settlement of claims of persons under particular circumstances barred by limitations heretofore established," passed on the 27th of March, 1792.

Here's the really neat part ... IF an ancestor appears on on the list, you can obtain a copy of their actual from the United States Government via the Statement Number!!


April 3, 1792, Statement #2182, Thomas McIntire, Captain, for commutation, Interest commencing March 22, 1793, amount of Certificate Issued: $2,346.32

December 12, 1792, Statement #3302, Charles Erskine, Lieut. Vir. dragoons, commutation, Interest Commencing Mar. 12, 1783, Amount of Certificate Issued: $2,300.00

May 5, 1794, Statement #5451, Walter Quackenbust, Asst. commissary of forage, N.Y., Interest Commencing Nov. 3, 1781, Amount of Certificate Issued: $380.97

US Congress

paper, 31 pp.