Spencer County, Kentucky History and Biographies

Spencer County, Kentucky History and Biographies

Spencer County was created in January 1824 as the 77th county in Kentucky by the General Assembly. It was named for Captain Spier Spencer one of the soldiers in the Battle of Tippecanoe where he was killed. The material in this volume gleaned from the two sources. The first is History of Kentucky by Lewis Collins in 1882 and the second source is KENTUCKY: A History of the State by W. H. Perin, J. H. Battle and G. C. Kniffin written in 1885. Most of the Biographical material was submitted by the individuals and therefore, should be more accurate than other sources. They tell the story of the county in a brief fashion with a collection of biographical sketches of some of the early leaders of the county. Each of these sketches give a good background on the person with a good deal of personal background.

2021, 32 pp.