Pickwick Landing Reservoir Cemeteries


The boundaries of Pickwick Landing Reservoir covers a small portion of three states, i.e. Hardin County, Tennessee; Tishomingo County, Mississippi and Lauderdale and Colbert Counties, Alabama. The area in which Pickwick Landing is located was settled about one hundred years ago. Since farming was the chief industry, the area was rather sparsely populated. The cemeteries were located for the most part on higher ground and were small old family burial plots. There were some public and/or church cemeteries also. The oldest grave removed dated back to 1840, although some of the unidentified graves might be older. A total of 407 graves were removed from seven reservoir cemeteries of which two graves were moved because they were in the way of construction activities. Reinterments were made in nine nearby existing cemeteries. A plat of some of the cemeteries is included with a listing of the graves involved. Others were just listed as cemeteries that were not involved.

Example from this volume:
#20 RAY FAMILY CEMETERY - On the property of Mrs. R. H. Hurd (Elvie) in Section 22 T3S-R15W in Colbert County, AL. It contains eight graves with the lowest at the 420 foot elevation. This cemetery is below the 423 contour but relatives were contacted and they signed agreements to let the graves remain.

James L. Douthat

ISBN: 9780788491177