Pulaski County, Virginia Will Book 1-2 1840-1871


Created on 20 April 1839 and located in southwestern Virginia, Pulaski County is in the middle of the migration route from the Shenandoah Valley going into Kentucky or Tennessee. This will book abstracts contain most of the vital information found in each entry found in the first two will books of the county. Some of the items found here are bill of sales and list the buyers, inventories as well as wills themselves.

Example from this volume:
Book 1 - pages 363-364
Will of John Hurst - August 22, 1854
Sons: William (dec’d); Thomas (dec’d); Mark (dec’d); Jesse (dec’d); and John
Daughters: Delila Nunn, Elizabeth Herrell, Catharine Halley; Hillary G. Ashworth, husband of Matilda Hurst.
Wm. A. Carnahan, exec.
Witnesses: Crockett Quesenberry, William C. Souther
Codicil: William C. Souther, also appointed exec.
Presented: August 9, 1855 Teste: D. Trucks, DC etc.etc.


James L. Douthat

1983, paper, 98 pp.