Franklin County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Franklin County, created in 1837 in the north western portion of the state has a long history. The history in this volume covers the time from creation up to the time of the original publication in the mid-1880s. The biographical sketches were submitted by the families themselves, therefore, they are probably more accurate than other sources.

Hon. T. D. Berry was born in Jackson County, Ala., at Belfast, September 24, 1827, and is a son of Thomas and Elizabeth (McFerrin) Berry. The father was born and reared in Virginia, and was a soldier in one of the Indian wars. He was a planter, and died in Alabama. The maternal grandfather was James D. McFerrin. etc etc...

Goodspeed Publishing

2004, paper, 158 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498374