Hempstead County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Edward Hempstead, first delegate to Congress from the Missouri Territory, gave his name to this county when it was created in 1818 in southwest Arkansas. This material was originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in the late 1800's and this reprint contains memoirs and biographies of the early pioneers. Because the information was compiled by the referenced family, it should be very accurate and detailed. This volume also contains a brief history of the county as it developed up to the time this volume was written in the 1880s.

Dr. B. F. Hancock is one of the leading medical practitioners in this section of the country, and was born in Crawford County, MO., in 1853 being a son of F. D. and Mary (Spencer) Hancock, the former of whom was born in Tennessee in 1820, and the latter in Missouri in 1826. Their marriage took place in Crawford County, Mo., and there they are still residing, worthy citizens and consistent members of the Methodist Church. ...etc...

Goodspeed Publishing

2004, paper, 91 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498428