Mississippi County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Mississippi County, located in the northeastern portion of the state, was created in 1833 and named for the River. The historical portion of this material begins at the creation of the county and continues up to the time of the original publication in the mid-1880s. The family sketches were submitted by the families themselves, therefore, they are more accurate than other sources.

Thomas H. Musgrave - He first saw the light of day in the Old North State, in 1847, and eleven years of his youth and early manhood were spent in attending school. His primary training was received in the schools of Branchville, Charleston and Columbia, S.C., and in 1855, he came with his father to Somerville, Tenn., where he attended the academy three years; in 1859 he went to Peoria, Ill., and attended the High School one year; in 1863 he entered the St. Louis University, where he remained till he completed his collegiate career, graduating in 1868. ...etc...

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