Ouachita County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Ouachita County, located in south-central Arkansas, was created in 1842 and takes its name from the Ouachita River. This history covers the time period up to the time of Goodspeed's publication in the mid-1880s. The biographical sketches found here were submitted by the family themselves, therefore, they would appear to be more accurate than other records.

WILLIAM P. HALE - In compiling a correct history of Ouachita County, mention should certainly be made of Mr. Hale, one of the oldest settlers, and a substantial planter of Marion Township. He was born in Coweta County, GA, November 21, 1829, being a son of James and Anna (McCarthey) Hale. His ancestors on his father's side were originally from England. ...etc...

Goodspeed Publishing

2005, paper, 71 p.

ISBN: 9780788498633