Pope County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


When Pope County, was created on 2 November 1829 it was named for John Pope, III, Territorial Governor of Arkansas. This volume gives a brief history of the county from its creation up to the mid-1880s when the original material was written by the Goodspeed company. The family sketches included were submitted by the families themselves, therefore, they would seem to be more accurate in scope.

John W. DANIEL, farmer, Atkins, Ark. Mr. Daniel was born in Cherokee County, Ala., on February 9, 1859, and is the son of Thomas &. And Elizabeth (Clifton) Daniel, the father a native of South Carolina, and the mother of Georgia. ...etc...etc.

Goodspeed Publishing

2004, paper, 92 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498695