St. Francis County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Originally published by Goodspeed Publishing in 1889, this reprint contains memoirs and biographies of Saint Francis County pioneers. Saint Francis County, located in the east-central portion of Arkansas, was created 13 October 1827 from Phillips County. The historical portion of this volume begins with the creation of the County and extends up to the time of the first publication of the material in the mid-1880s. The family sketches are taken from information submitted by the families themselves, therefore, this information is probably more correct than other sketches.

GEORGE M. ROWLAND - a prominent farmer of Utica Township, is a native of Mississippi, and a son of Charles and Mary (Lewis) Rowland, who were Virginians by birth. In 1830 they left the Old Dominion for Marshall County, Miss., then a new part of the State, and from which the Indians had just been moved. etc...etc...

Goodspeed Publishing

2005, paper, 60 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498725