Randolph County, Arkansas History and Biographical Sketches


Randolph County was established in 1835. The historical portion of the book covers the time from the creation up to the time of the original publication of the material in the mid-1880s. The biographical sketches were submitted by the families themselves, therefore, they would appear to be more accurate than other sources.

Joseph Hufstedler, who represents the milling interests of Randolph County, Ark., is a Tennessean by birth and bringing up, and inherits the principles of the better class of citizens of that State. He was born in 1848, and as soon as a suitable age was reached he was placed in school, but after attaining his eleventh year his education was received in Randolph County, Ark....

Goodspeed Publishing

2006, paper, 99 pp.

ISBN: 9780788498831