Bexar County, Texas Selected Cemeteries: Early Burials


With over 1600 surnames referenced, this volume contains tombstone inscriptions for EARLY Bexar County, Texas burials. As an added bonus, all German, French, and Spanish spellings have been translated into English. Each entry includes [** When Available]: Name of Deceased, Date of Death, Date of Birth**, Place of Birth**, Age at Time of Birth**, Name of Spouse**, Maiden Name of Spouse**, Mementos on Tombstone**

Cemeteries Found In This Publication: City Cemetery, Dailey Records Book (City Cemetery), Brite Cemetery, Coker Methodist Church Cemetery, Davenport Cemetery, Mt. Olive Cemetery, National Cemetery (Not Ft. Sam Houston), Kretzer Cemetery, Neugebaur Cemetery, Oak Island Cemetery, Real Cemetery, Specht Cemetery, St. Paulus Evangelistic Lutheran Cemetery, Toepperwein Cemetery, Leesch-Uecker Cemetery, Voges Cemetery, Miscellaneous Cemeteries

WOODLIEFF, Devereux J.
REYNOLDS, Harriet, August 10, 1836

Carrie Loftus

paper, 129 pp.

ISBN: 9780788478499