Bowie County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1883-1940


This volume contains an index to probate cases filed in Bowie County, Texas from 1883 through the end of June, 1940. Names of deceased, minors, infirmed and other principals are arranged alphabetically with reference to the date of filing and case number.

With over 1,700 surnames referenced, this publication also includes file numbers so researchers to obtain additional or possibly full-text documentation on the estate from County records.

Addington, M. George, Deceased, Filed June 1, 1893, File #153
Adams, Eugene, Leon, & Leon, Minors, September 26, 1917, Case #1535
Adams, Forrest Edward, Tubercular, No Papers, December 11, 1931

WPA Records

8.5"x11", perfect bound, 97 pp.

ISBN: 9780788483912