Runnels County, Texas Index to Probate Cases 1880-1939


Runnels County was originally created in 1858 from Bexar county, but it remained unorganized until 1880. In 1860, it was attached to Brown County for judicial purposes until organization. In 1876, Runnels was detached from Brown and attached to Coleman County for judicial purposes. Although Coleman County was created in 1858 and fully organized by 1864, it appears that it continued to be attached to Brown County for judicial reasons as late as 1871 and no probate records of the period 1864 to August 1876 were found extant in that county. [H.P.N. Gammel, Law of Texas, VI, 921] Runnels was finally organized in 1880.

Probate records originating in the territory now Runnels County may be found among the probate records of Bexar County to 1858; for the period 1858 to 1876, probate jurisdiction was in Brown County, but all Brown County records were destroyed by fire in 1880. From 1876 to the organization of Runnels County on January 12, 1880, records are extant among probate records of Coleman County. In these records will be found the name of deceased, minor or lunatic principles involved, date the case was filed and the case number. The case number is very important in researching into the records of the person necessary.

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