Spanish Claims to Land in Florida: 1835


In 1835, under United States Congressional Act #1348, Florida considered land claims to establish title to approximately 1,108,390 acres. Private parties as well as the Seminole and Creek Indians filed claims. The majority of these claims were for land in Eastern Florida.

This publication contains:

  1. The complete transcript for this act.
  2. The name of claimant, quantity of land, date submitted, and name of grantor.
  3. Affidavits
  4. Testimony regarding the claims.

Documents in the case of Burgos Higginbottom, referred to be the witness, Antonio Alvarez, in the foregoing testimony.

No. 3.

Don George Clarke, lieutenant of militia of St. Augustine of Florida, and surveyor general appointed by the government of the same city and province:
I certify that I have measured and bounded five hundred acres of land to Donna Isabella Higginbottom, upon the St. Mary's river, at a place named Higginbottom's Bluff, in part of seven hundred acres that were granted to her deceased husband, Burras Higginbottom, upon the said river, on the 24th of September, 1803, with the name of Reading Blunt; but this resulted to be claimed by another person, in consequence of which he took possession of these five hundred acres, which he has cultivated ever since, and the remaining two hundred, at a place named Sondag's Bluff; which five hundred acres are represented in the following plat (see plate I., fig. 1), and its original, which I preserve in the books of surveys in my charge.
Fernandina, January 10, 1816.
George J. F. Clarke

2000, paper, 53 pp, full name index, soft cover, reprint 8.5"x11"

ISBN: 9780788498886