Muscogee County, Georgia History and Biographies


Muscogee County is located on the Alabama border. The land for Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll counties was ceded by the Creek people in the 1825 Treaty of Indian Springs. The counties' boundaries were created by the Georgia General Assembly on June 9, 1823 but they were not named until December 14, 1826. It was named for the native Muscogee or Creek people. Parts of the then-large county (which went all the way east to the Flint River) were later taken to create every other neighboring Georgia county, including Harris County to the north in 1827. The biographical portions were submitted by the families themselves.

Benjamin Thomas Hatcher, president of the Hatcher Manufacturing company of Columbus, Ga., was born in that city Oct. 30, 1847, being the second son of Samuel J. and Elizabeth (McGee) Hatcher. Banjamin [sic] Hatcher, the father of Samuel J. Hatcher, was a native of Chesterfield county, Va. ..etc...

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