Randolph County, Georgia History and Biographies


Randolph County is located in the southwestern portion of the state. Randolph County is named after Virginian John Randolph. Another Georgia county, Jasper County, was the original Randolph County; however, because of John Randolph's opposition to U.S. entry into the War of 1812, the Georgia General Assembly changed the name of Randolph County to Jasper County in an act of December 10th, 1812. Eventually, Randolph's reputation was restored, and in 1828, the General Assembly created the current Randolph County.

This volume is a reprint of two older books on Georgia. The first is Memoirs of Georgia. The second one is Historical Collection of Georgia by George White. The biographical materials were submitted by the families themselves.

William D. Hammock. For many years identified with the Baptist church as a minister of the gospel and its teachings, Rev. William D. Hammock, is one of the prominent citizens of Randolph County. His father, William Hammock, was from Twiggs County, GA., and was the son of Paschal Hammock, who descended from one of two brothers, who came from Ireland and settled in Georgia, probably in Savannah. ...etc...

George White

2001, paper, 39 pp.

ISBN: 9780788496691