Upson County, Georgia History and Biographies


Upson County, Georgia was created in 1824 out of Pike and Crawford Counties. This volume of history and biographies is taken from two sources. First is the “Memoirs of Georgia” and second “Historical Collection of Georgia” by George White. The data contained in each of these came from the families represented and therefore, could be considered of more value than most other sources.

Example from this volume:

WILLIAM B. ADAMS, a prominent farmer, Upson county, Ga., son of W. L. and Frances (Dumas) Adams, was born in Monroe County, GA in 1849. His great-grandfather, Nipper Adams, of English descent, was a citizen of North Carolina during the Revolutionary War and a soldier in the patriot army....

Rev. George White

2002, paper, 21 pp.

ISBN: 9780788496813