Wayne County, Georgia History and Biographies


Located in the southeast corner of the state, Wayne County was created by an Act of the Legislature in 1803 after the Wilkinson Treaty was signed with the Creek Indians on January 16, 1802. This treaty ceded part of the Tallassee Country and part of the lands within the forks of the Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers to the United States. The county was named for General "Mad" Anthony Wayne whose military career had made him a well known hero. The biographical sketches were submitted by the families themselves.

A. H. Chancy, Dale’s Mill, Wayne Co., GA, is one of the busy men in his community, being a member of the mercantile firm of Nicholas & Chancy, runs a farm and wood and turpentine business, and is postmaster, having been appointed in 1892. ...etc...


2001, paper, 14 pp.

ISBN: 9780788496875