Cumberland County, Kentucky History and Biographies


The information for this publication was taken from two sources, the first is History of Kentucky written by Lewis Collins 1882 and the other is KENTUCKY: A History of the State written by W. H. Perin, J. H. Battle, and G. C. Kniffin in 1885.

Cumberland County, Kentucky was the thirty-second county formed from Green County in 1798 and named after the Cumberland River which runs through it. The biographical material was submitted by the families at the time and are not just prominent families.

GRANVILLE B. McGEE was born November 25, 1829. His father, Jacob McGee, born in Wayne County, KY in 1806 was a farmer and was married in 1824 to Miss Sarah Jones, a daughter of Landy and Lucy (Farrow) Jones, both born near Richmond, Virginia....

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