Menifee County, Kentucky Births, Deaths, Marriages 1874-1878


Menifee County, located in the eastern portion of the state, began generating records after it was established on May 29, 1869 when portions of Bath, Montgomery, Morgan, Powell and Wolfe counties were taken to form this new county. The county was named for Richard Hickman Menefee, a United States Congressman. The county followed the lead from their former alliance with Virginia and they kept both the birth and death records unlike many of the states of the day. The marriages are normally kept by all states. These records do not begin until 1874 and it is assumed that many of the former counties began with these records as early as 1853 when Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia began keeping birth and death records on a volunteer basis.

James L. Douthat

2011, paper. 42 pp.

ISBN: 9780788495649