Lincoln County, Missouri Records


Lincoln County, located along the Mississippi River was created on December 14, 1810 out of lands from St. Charles County. As to the name of the county, there is a difference of opinions. The first story is told that the county was named by Major Christopher Clerk, the first permanent white settler. He addressed the Territorial Legislature saying, “I was born, sir in Link-Horn County, North Carolina and I lived for many years in Link-Horn County in old Kain-Tuck. I wish to die in Link-Horn County, in Missouri.” The Territorial Legislature voted to name the county Link-Horn but the clerk wrote “Lincoln” in the blank space for the name. The other group say the county was named for Major General Benjamin Lincoln of the American Revolutionary War fame. Either way, it is now Lincoln County. In this volume of records you will find a brief history of the county, scraps of early history, assessment list of 1821, Will Book A & B 1825-1855, Marriage Book B 1842-1859, and the Patrons of the Atlas of 1878.

Reprinted 2017, 8.5"x11", full name index, soft cover, 122 pp.

ISBN: 9780788494949