North Carolina Soldiers in the Cherokee War

When General Winfield Scott called up the militia from North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee to act as guards and escorts for the Cherokee as they moved west on the various trails in the “Trail of Tears”, the volunteers came forth. These were militia units that consisted of primarily a Captain and the volunteers under his area appointed by the county in question. All of the men were from this same area. To know the county of the captain, you can likely find the men nearby. In some cases, the families of the soldiers were in the party as the soldier would be taking his family who had to go west as Cherokee themselves.

This volume consists of two different listings of the soldiers. The first is alphabetical for all of the men from North Carolina given in one list. There is include a note on some of them where the name is spelled in different forms. The second listing is as per each Company under their various Captains. The officers are listed separate from the privates in this second list.


James L. Douthat


2015, paper, 40 pp.

ISBN: 9780788492372