1840 Sequatchie Valley Census Records


This transcription of the 1840 Census for the three counties of Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee has both the Marion and Bledsoe Counties included. The third county of Sequatchie was not formed until a few years later and therefore, the people who fell in that county were a part of this 1840 Census. The names of the head of the household was the only name given with the ages and sex of those living in the house divided between males and females make up the remainder of the records. In the 1840 Census, the name and age of the pensioners from the American Revolution or the War of 1812 are also given in the household where they are residing, but this is found on the second page and is frequently overlooked by the casual reader. You can also find personal information on the original census such as occupations, schools and some data on the blind, deaf, etc. We did not include this in our transcription, however. By using this as a guide, you can go back to the original census and locate the person’s information quickly.

Example from this volume:


Bledsoe Co. - Page 3 District 2 - LOWDEN, Benjamin - 10001/100010001
Marion Co. - Page 18 - HISON, John - 000000001/0


 James L. Douthat


1982, paper, 38 pp.

ISBN: 9780788492877