Grundy County, Tennessee Marriages 1850-1874


Beginning with a short history of Grundy County, Tennessee which includes the names of founding fathers and county trustees, this publication continues with full text abstracts of marriage records from 1850 through 1874 maintained at the Clerk's Office in Altamont, Tennessee. Each entry includes the name of bride/groom, date license issued, date marriage solomnized, and name of officiating authority.

Date License Issued: November 3, 1855
Couple Married: Richard W. Childress and Delpha Nunly, Date Solemnized: November 4, 1855. Officiating Authority: Richard Bradford, Justice of the Peace

Date License Issued: June 17, 1857
Couple Married: John Fitzgerald and Ryan Allison, Officiating Authority: H.V. Brown, Catholic Priest

paper, 47 pp.

ISBN: 9780788492884