1850 Meigs County, Tennessee Census Records



Meigs County was created out of the lands ceded to the United States and the State of Tennessee in the Hiwassee Land Purchase in 1819. The county was created in 1836 and named for Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs. This transcription of the census is accomplished by two of the areas finest historians, Betty J. Broyles, County Historian for Rhea County, and William R. Snell, County Historian for Bradley County. Each of these two persons know the area of Meigs very well as both have relatives in that county at different points in its history. This is one of the best transcriptions of a county and include the resident number, names, ages and occupation of each of the persons mentioned in the records of the census. Also given is the property value and the place of birth of the individual. If no indication of this latter entry, then the individual was born in Tennessee.

Example from this volume:

#510 TILARY, William 47 farmer $800; Barbary Ann 45 VA; Coffell 18 farmer; Elender 16; Neoma 14; Isaac R. 9.


Bettye J. Broyles and William R. Snell


1985, paper, 31 pp.

ISBN: 9780788477270