Methodism in Bledsoe County, [Tennessee]


Bledsoe County has always been one of those important counties where travelers stopped for a time and then moved on westward. The Methodist Church came into the area with the first settlers and remains one of the most important churches in the county today. Miriam Stephens was quite versed in the history of the county and the Methodist Church. Her great grandfather was one of the early class leaders for the church and their family has remained firm Methodists ever since. This book traces the history of each of the eleven Methodist churches that have been in the county from the beginning. Time has taken it’s toll on each of these church and only four of them survive to the present time. These churches were Parham’s Chapel, Stony Point, Patton Center, Swafford’s Chapel, Luminary, Mount Crest, Pikeville, Wesley’s Chapel, Oak Grove, Stephen’s Chapel, and Everett Memorial.


Miriam Rose Stephens and James L. Douthat


1976, paper, 64 pp

ISBN: 9780788491009