Roster of the CSA Soldiers Buried in Chattanooga [Tennessee]



Various State Divisions of the United Confederate Veterans have comrades buried in the Chattanooga Cemetery and were encouraged to place a bronze tablet with the names of each of the comrade’s name. The story of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp of the United Confederate Veterans for 1894 is given with the listing of those buried in the cemetery per each of the states represented. These States are Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and Texas. In addition there are a couple of special listings, i.e. members of the N.B. Forrest Camp buried in the cemetery, those with commands of unknown origin and those found near Rossville Gap and removed to the Confederate Cemetery. Each listing is per state, per name, per unit. No other information is given.

Example from this volume:


ARKANSAS - Bennett, R., Company D 2nd Regiment and Bennett, H. Company F, 3rd Regiment, etc.

1894, paper, 25 pp.

ISBN: 9780788491047